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Japan's Largest Dry Anaerobic Digestion Reactor Kurita

Feb 02, 2017 In the joint project, Kurita's proposal that it will segregate feedstock suitable for fermentation from mixed waste and waste paper from households and industrial waste, including organic waste sludge, paper and livestock excreta, using high-efficiency separation equipment, and will use dry methane fermentation has been accepted.

Water treatment chemicals Kurita

Kurita signs service contracts for supplying steam and water to boilers and providing good steam safely and at reasonable prices. It also enters multi-year management contracts with clients that use large quantities of cooling water treatment chemicals and other similar chemicals, such as petroleum and iron-steel plants.

Rotary dryer Comparison of dryer KENKI DRYER Sludge

Sep 07, 2021 KENKI DRYER which can dry sticky and adhesive materials that no other dryer can is an innovative drying apparatus having unique technologies with 2 patents in Japan, 9 patens in 7 abroad countries, 11 patents in total. Please consider about KENKI DRYER as dryer for organic waste with high moisture content, sludge dryer, slurry dryer, dryer for digestive fluid from the methane fermentation …

Biosolids Sludge Dryer Komline Sanderson

The K-S Paddle Sludge Dryer is indirectly heated using steam or circulated thermal fluid (hot oil). High-energy efficiencies and low off-gas volumes are characteristics of a K-S Drying System. The K-S Paddle Sludge Dryer is an indirect heat transfer device that utilizes mechanical agitation to enhance contact with the product being dried.


Main customers. Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. Swing Corporation Kurita Water Industries Ltd. JFE Engineering Co., Ltd. Kubota Corporation Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. Okano Trading Co., Ltd. Hitachi Zosen Corporation Nisshinbo Brake Inc. Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

Thermarex Top Dryer Manufacturer in India Gujarat

Solar Sludge Dryer. The Solar dryer is the most sustainable form of drying as it uses only Solar irradiance and optimized climate control systems to evaporate moisture from feed material. Multi Layer Mesh Belt Dryer. Applied in industries ranging from food to waste, it is a very flexible equipment and easy to handle. Performance metric is very ...

Sludge drying Sludge Processing

Sludge drying properties. Sludges of different origins and characteristics exhibit different behaviours when drying. These are most readily observed by correlating the mass water flux – the mass of water evaporated per unit surface area of solids per unit time (kg m-2 s-1) – against the moisture content of the sludge.This correlation normally reveals the three different drying phases:


The sludge resulting from this process represents the next challenge for the water treatment industry, in particular the minimizing of its volume. This Sludge Dewatering handbook will present the key parameters to take into account in order to optimi-ze sludge treatment with …

What is ELODE Elode USA Inc

It is a non-thermal dewatering system, meaning it does not use heat to remove water from the sludge. As a result, unlike thermal dryers, it does not lose a large portion of the energy input as heat. Due to their unique design, ELODE systems offer significant cost savings for sludge disposal, transportation, and storage costs, leading to a fast ...


Business category of YAMATO SANKO MFG. CO., LTD. is In the 100 years since our founding in 1915, Yamato Sanko has been 100% engaged in custom manufacturing, and has produced industrial dryers, thermal systems, incinerators and their related plants with the latest technologies of the times. We are committed, not just to engineering, but also to production excellence, as well as to expertly ...

sludge reduction Equipment Environmental XPRT

The Super Sludge Dryer is a special equipment for sludge reduction. The sludge is dried by direct contact with hot air. The high-speed rotating crushing shaft is built in, which completely solves the problem of sludge adhesive phase. The sludge with different water content will be directly ...

Water Clarification System Sludge Removal Kurita America

Kurita America's clarification systems remove suspended solids, turbidity and other particulate from raw water supplies. Whether a traditional solids contact clarifier, high rate, inclined plate or other style, we have a complete clarifier product line and are able to assist in …

Wastewater Management Solutions Kurita America

Kurita’s unwavering investment in research and development continues to deliver new chemical technologies to meet the ever-increasing challenges our customers face. Examples include development of chemicals providing enhanced coagulation of suspended solids, improved dewatering of waste sludge, better odor control, and efficient separation of ...

The intelligent treatment of your wastewater Kurita EN

Kurita odour absorbers remove smells, prevent the formation of corrosive hydrogen sulfide and can even absorb already existing bad odours produced by H 2 S. Customised Solutions. Wastewater treatment plants are unique because of the number of influencing factors: quality of the wastewater, production processes, contaminants, plant design, etc.

Kuristuck Technology paint booth treatment Kurita EN

Kuristuck B-800 is a patent-pending technology. It keeps durability of foam prevention without any pH adjustment and ensures non-sticky sludge that is not adhering to the system. Oil-free Kuriflock flocculant polymers enable improvement of flocculation process and proper sludge transfer to the paint spray booth sludge recovery system.

Thermal Drying of Wastewater Solids

dryers do not require recycle of dried material, simplifying the system. Indirect thermal drying equipment includes paddle dryers with varying configurations, vertical tray dryers, and an indirect-type of fluidized bed dryer. A schematic diagram of a typical paddle drying system is shown in Figure 2.

Sludge Drying Water and Wastewater Equipment

Use low-graded excessisve heat, no need for sourcing quality thermal. 70~80C drying temperature. Closed cabinet drying, no need for tail gas treatment, which is suitable for municipal sludge and various industrial sludge. Standard operation consumption is 60~70kw.h/1t.H20 (MAX).

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