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The influence of basicity and TiO2 on the crystallization

China has abundant vanadium–titanium magnetite resources. It is important to extract the Fe, Ti and V elements from vanadium–titanium magnetite by recycling.keegan gold mine in chad Fote Mining Machinery Co. The HIsmelt smelting reduction process is an effective method to smelt vanadium–titanium magnetite. In the present study, the phase composition of …

Leaching Titaniferous Magnetite Concentrate by Alkaline

Jun 16, 2021 Leaching titaniferous magnetite concentrate with alkali solution of high concentration under high temperature and high pressure was utilized to improve the grade of iron in iron concentrate and the grade of TiO 2 in titanium tailings. The titaniferous magnetite concentrate in use contained 12.67% TiO 2 and 54.01% Fe. The thermodynamics of the possible reactions and the kinetics of …

PDF Magnetically Recoverable and Reusable Titanium

Aug 30, 2021 TiO 2 onto magnetic nanoparticles, such as magnetite (Fe 3 O 4) nanoparticles. Magnetite na- Magnetite na- noparticles are often chosen for their unique magnetic properties (supermagnetic with

Study of the High Temperature Metallurgical Properties of

May 05, 2018 There are two typical vanadium–titanium magnetite ores in China: high chromium vanadium–titanium magnetite (HCVTM) and ordinary vanadium–titanium magnetite (VTM). HCVTM contains TiO 2 of 5.55% and Cr 2 O 3 of 0.62%, while, TiO 2 content can reach 13% in VTM. HCVTM is mainly reserved in the Kuranakh deposit and used in Jianlong steel.

Tio2 SiO2 Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles synthesis and

Titanium oxide is a photosensitive semiconductor can be announced as one of the most attractive catalyst which can be used in degradation of organic compounds, toxic pollutions in waste and air (Liu et al. 2006; Han et al. 2009; Chen et al. 2012; Hua et al. 2012; Da Dalt et al. 2013; Bozkurt ırak et al. 2019).TiO 2 UV irradiation exposure results in formation of valance band holes and ...

Magnetic field effect on the photocatalytic degradation of

In this work, by taking commercial P25 hydrophilic titanium dioxide (TiO 2) as a photocatalyst, the magnetic field effect (MFE) on the photodegradation rate of methyl orange is studied.It is found that a relatively lower magnetic field B = 0.28 T can efficiently enhance the photodegradation efficiency of commercial TiO 2 by 24%. However, the photodegradation efficiency of commercial TiO 2 will ...

Minerals Free Full Text Characterization and Pre

Furthermore, the grades of V 2 O 5 and TiO 2 in vanadium-titanium magnetite concentrates obtained from the low-grade vanadium-titanium magnetite ore of this area are over 1% and 19% respectively, which have an extremely high utilization value for smelting with the characteristics of high vanadium and titanium content, compared with the vanadium ...

A novel preparation of high purity TiO2 from industrial

The TiO 2 content of the high purity TiO 2 was determined according to the standard ISO 591–1:2000 ‘Titanium dioxide pigments for paints’. The morphology of the high purity TiO 2 was observed by the field emission scanning electron microscopy (Zeiss, Germany, sigma 500/VP).

Reduction of Vanadium Titanium Magnetite by

Feb 28, 2020 minerals Article Experimental Study on Strengthening Carbothermic Reduction of Vanadium-Titanium-Magnetite by Adding CaF2 Xiangdong Xing 1,2, Yueli Du 1, Jianlu Zheng 1, Yunfei Chen 3, Shan Ren 4,* and Jiantao Ju 1,2,* 1 School of Metallurgical Engineering, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi’an 710055, China; [email protected] (X.X.); …

Complex Processing of a Titanium Magnetite Concentrate

In course of titanium magnetite concentrate reduction smelting process, soda interacts to SiO 2, AhO 3, TiO 2 oxides forming sodium silicates and titanates. Double-stage technology of titanium magnetite concentrate reduction smelting was used, both with soda addition, and without oxidation and preliminary iron oxidation of titanium magnetite ...

Experimental Study on Oxygen Enriched Sintering of

Nov 22, 2018 Compared with the sintering of ordinary iron ore, vanadium-titanium magnetite has lower iron, FeO, and SiO 2 contents but higher TiO 2, MgO, and Al 2 O 3 contents. These characteristics are not favorable for sintering, resulting in low production, low grade, poor strength, low yield, and high solid energy consumption of the sintered ore [ 1 , 2 ].

Titanomagnetite an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Ti x O 4) [also written xFe 2 TiO 4 (1 – x)Fe 3 O 4] forms a complete solid solution series between end members of magnetite (Fe 3 O 4) and ulv spinel (Fe 2 TiO 4). They are cubic minerals with inverse spinel structures that commonly carry the magnetic remanence of rocks; i.e. TM60 ( x = 0.6) is the dominant magnetic mineral in rapidly ...

Effect of TiO 2 on the Sintering Behavior of Chromium

Chromium-bearing vanadium–titanium magnetite (CVTM) iron ore containing Fe, Ti, Cr, and V is a special and valuable iron ore as known by the exploitation of vanadium–titanium magnetite (VTM), ilmenite, and chromite [ 1, 2 ]. As a kind of valuable iron ore resource, Hongge CVTM is found in the Panzhihua area in China.

Optimized magnetic separation for efficient recovery of V

They reported that a vanadium‑titanium magnetite concentrate containing 1.14% V 2 O 5, 22.22% TiO 2, 42.51% Fe, and a concentrate of ilmenite containing 16.05% TiO2 and 20.77% Fe were obtained according to the different magnetic intensities in the range of 0.4–0.8 T.

Effect of TiO 2 on the Crushing Strength and Smelting

Mar 21, 2016 H igh - chromium vanadium-titanium magnetite (hereinafter abbreviated as high-Cr V-Ti magnetite), rich in valuable elements including Fe, V, Ti, and Cr, is a kind of significant mineral resources with great developing value. [ 1 – 4] In Panxi-Hongge District in China, there is more than 3.5 billion tons of high-Cr V-Ti magnetite.

Smelting Reduction Characteristics and Mechanism of

Jan 03, 2021 Vanadium–titanium magnetite is one kind of iron, vanadium, titanium multiple-element symbiotic typical composite ore, which has extremely high comprehensive utilization value [ 1 ]. Vanadium–titanium magnetite mainly concentrates in a few countries and regions on the earth, such as South Africa, Russia, China.

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