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Rivera Rockcrusher vs. Dr Z Air brake Ibanez JEM Forum

Feb 01, 2013 Rivera Rockcrusher vs. Dr Z Air brake. Tags amps attenuators recording. ... In the end it'll cost me a little more than the rock crusher but the z brake seems to be much better at preserving the natural character of whatever amp it's paired with. Save Share. Reply. 1 - 5 of 5 Posts.

Rivera RockCrusher Recording vs Two Notes Torpedo

Feb 20, 2017 Jul 8, 2007. Location: Brisbane. Yeah I was always focussed on the two notes until I recently saw the Rock crusher on Youtube and it made me curious. The impression I get from these responses is that most support/use the Two Notes products instead. aqa said: ↑.

Rivera RockCrusher Attenuator Review Premier Guitar

Jun 06, 2011 Rivera has built an attenuator that works with the most powerful amps while preserving that tone that led you to you most beloved amp in the first place. Amp volume (non-master) set at 7. Clip takes amp from no attenuation through each step of RockCrusher from Bypass to –3, -8, -12, -16, -20, Studio from max to min.

Best Guitar Amp Attenuator Roundup Guitarsite

May 14, 2018 Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator. The RockCrusher continues to be the most recommended power attenuator, thanks to its quality, tone and reliability. The unit's transparent tone and attenuation capabilities are truly impressive and easily justifies its seemingly premium price tag.

Rivera Mini RockRec The Gear Page

Dec 27, 2017 The rock crusher or the Rockrec can cover all bases and it costs less. Does it sound better? Probably not, but I'm using an attenuator for live purposes, and in reality, nobody knows the difference when it comes to live performances. A good note played is a good note played, or a good performance is a good performance.

Universal Audio Ox vs Alternatives tone and feel user

Sep 04, 2018 Apr 20, 2018. #3. Well I may be in the minority but I much preferred the tone and feel of my suhr reactive load with celestian IRs with my medium to high gain amps. Clean was a push. I'll try the Ox again when they add a vintage 30 cab and more effects routing capabilities. Like sending separate signals to the daw.

Bugera Power Soak Feedback Needed The Gear Page

Jul 16, 2017 Good point, the Rock Crusher is probably not the best example. However, I have seen Power Brake's schematic and it was super-simple (looked like something from the 18 century). Hardy more than $30 in parts, also something a good EE can calculate in 30 minutes max.

Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator Load Box for Amps

So I added the Rivera Rock Crusher, set it to -30db, backed off the gain and cranked the volume. All those sweet tones came roaring through while retaining the clarity and touch sensitivity of the amp. So happy I can play my fav amp again. by Brian from Atlanta, GA on December 27, 2019. Music background: Weekend Rocker ...

rivera vs rock crusher faustine in kenya Top Project

Rivera Rock Crusher Vs Faustine comtechgroupin rig talk view topic faustine phantom dx2 vs rivera or even silent levels is what the rockcrusher is the rock crusher, rock crusher rivera cleaneatingnownl. rivera rock crusher vs miningbmw Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator GuitarCenter Get the guaranteed lowest price on the Rivera

Rivera Rockcrusher vs. Bad Cat Unleash The Gear Page

Nov 25, 2014 Rivera Rockcrusher vs. Bad Cat Unleash. Give me your pros and cons. I'm looking to attenuate a Marshall 2204 and 4104 (50 watt master volume models) as I rarely can get the master above 1.5 these days. Both attenuators are in the same price range, but the Unleash offers additional features...

Recommendations for a good attenuator Telecaster Guitar

Jan 13, 2015 Rivera Rock Crusher is apparently the attenuator to beat. On the side, if there is ONE amp that doesn't work with an attenuator, & sounds like crap through one, it's the Fender Super Reverb. You buy an attenuator to tame a marshall. You buy a tube screamer if …

THD Hot Plate or Rivera RockCrusher Ultimate Guitar

Feb 07, 2016 The THD was a great attenuator, haven't used one in a while but they were the best a few years ago. They were pretty much the ONLY a few years ago. It was called the THD …

Rivera Rock Crusher VS UA OX Box on a Marshall Major

I had the Ox Box for year and I liked some of the amp tones with it (only using it as attenuator) but I really missed some treble in other tones. I think it ...

RockCrusher Rivera Amplification

Bullet-proof construction, a standard feature of Rivera equipment, is also engineered into the Rock Crusher: Within the 16-gauge welded steel chassis of the RockCrusher, heavy-duty and rugged industrial-grade components used throughout, designed to …

Sweetwater Minute Vol. 88 The Rivera RockCrusher

Sweetwater's Mitch Gallagher shows off how amazing the Rivera Rockcrusher amp attenuator is: http://bit.ly/sw_rockcrusher. The Rivera Rockcrusher allows you ...

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